NCMA 2014

The deadline for this year's NCMA is just days away: May 4, 2014. Update: the deadline was extended to May 13, 2014.

NCMA is the acronym of the Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications, which reaches this year its sixth edition. The workshop will take place in Kassel, in the centre of Germany, at the end of July (28,29 July 2014).

As usual, we are mainly looking for works on different aspects of non-classical models of automata and grammars. Submissions on the following topics (but not limited to them) are welcome:
-- formal models inspired by Linguistics, Bio-Computing, Text Processing, Document Engineering, Self-Assembly, etc.,
-- bio-inspired models of automata and generative devices,
-- cellular automata,
-- forgetting automata and restarting automata,
-- automata with additional resources,
-- regulated rewriting/automata,
-- networks of automata or generative devices,
-- models of cooperation and communication,
-- quantum automata.

Note that this year the workshop also looks for short papers, on work in progress. The deadline for these papers is 8 june 2014.

So, please submit your latest paper on the above topics to NCMA 2014!