CiE 2015 in Bucharest - Call for Papers

COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE 2015: Evolving Computability, Bucharest, Romania, June 29 - July 3

Extended Submission Deadline: 21 January 2015
Notification of authors: 9 March 2015
Deadline for final revisions: 6 April 2015

CiE 2015 is the 11-th conference organized by CiE (Computability in Europe), a European association of mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, philosophers, physicists and others interested in new developments in computability and their underlying significance for the real world. Previous meetings in the CiE conference series have taken place in Amsterdam (2005), Swansea (2006), Siena (2007), Athens (2008), Heidelberg (2009), Ponta Delgada (2010), Sofia (2011), Cambridge (2012), Milan (2013) and Budapest (2014).

For CiE 2015, we are looking for fundamental and theoretical submissions. In line with other conferences in this series, CiE 2015 has a broad scope and provides a forum for the discussion of theoretical and practical issues in Computability with an emphasis on new paradigms of computation and the development of their mathematical theory.

We particularly invite papers that build bridges between different parts of the research community.

For topics covered by the conference, please visit

CiE 2015 has received funding from ASL (Association for Symbolic Logic) and EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science) that allows students who are members of ASL or EATCS and want to attend CiE 2015 to apply for travel funds or a reduction of the early registration fee. Preference will be given to presenters of accepted papers. Applications for ASL travel grants have to be addressed directly to ASL, with a strict deadline of March 28, 2015. Applications for EATCS travel grants have to be sent to cie2015[at]fmi[dot]unibuc[dot]ro prior to the early registration deadline.

CiE 2015 will host invited talks from the following:
TUTORIAL SPEAKERS: John Reif (Duke Unversity), Steve Simpson (Pennsylvania State University).
PLENARY SPEAKERS: Ann Copestake (University of Cambridge), Mircea Dumitru (University of Bucharest, Public Lecture), Pawel Gawrychowski (Warsaw University), Julia Knight (University of Notre Dame), Anca Muscholl (Universite Bordeaux), Gheorghe Paun (Romanian Academy), Alexander Razborov (University of Chicago and Steklov Mathematical Institute), Vlatko Vedral (University of Oxford).

CiE 2015 will also host SPECIAL SESSIONS on Representing streams, Automata, logic and infinite games, Reverse mathematics, Classical computability theory, Bio-inspired computation, History and philosophy of computing.
The speakers of the special sessions are listed at

The PROGRAMME COMMITTEE cordially invites all researchers (European and non-European) in computability related areas to submit their papers (in PDF format, max 10 pages using the LNCS style) for presentation at CiE 2015.

The submission site is open. For more submission instructions consult

The conference proceedings will be published by LNCS, Springer Verlag.

WORDS 2015 in Kiel - Preliminary Announcement

10th International Conference on WORDS 2015, Kiel, Germany, September 14-18, 2015

Submission deadline: April 17, 2015
Notification of authors: May 27, 2015
Deadline for final versions: June 10, 2015

WORDS is a biannual international conference covering the mathematical theory of words (sequences of symbols) from all points of view: combinatorial, algebraic, algorithmic, as well as its applications to biology, linguistics, physics, and others.

The previous WORDS conferences have taken place in Rouen (1997, 1999), Palermo (2001), Turku (2003, 2013), Montreal (2005), Marseille (2007), Salerno (2009), Prague (2011). This year we celebrate the 10th edition of WORDS.

Please mark the conference dates in your agendas for 2015.

CONFIRMED INVITED SPEAKERS: Jörg Endrullis (Amsterdam), Jean Néraud (Rouen), Michaël Rao (Lyon), Thomas Stoll (Nancy). Another two invited speakers are still to be announced.

For WORDS 2015, we are looking for original contributions on combinatorics on words, in the form of extended abstracts, for publication in a refereed proceedings volume.

In the tradition of the previous WORDS conferences, authors are also invited to submit high level contributions, which might not meet the requirements of the proceedings volume, for publication in a local abstract-booklet.

The PROGRAMME COMMITTEE, that will select the papers to be presented at the conference, consists of: Maxime Crochemore (London), Juhani Karhumäki (Turku), Dirk Nowotka (Kiel - chair), Stepan Holub (Prague), Antonio Restivo (Palermo), Manfred Kufleitner (Stuttgart), Gad Landau (Haifa), Michel Rigo (Liege), James Currie (Winnipeg), Mikhail V. Volkov (Ekaterinburg), Wojciech Plandowski (Warsaw), Luca Zamboni (Lyon).

Questions regarding the conference can be addressed to the organisers (Dirk Nowotka, Florin Manea) via E-mail: info[at]words2015[dot]uni-kiel[dot]de

Romanian Theory Day

Final Update: The workshop took place on September 15 and 16, and according to the feedback we received from the participants it was successful. Thanks to all who contributed to the success of DACS 2014, and I am looking forward to the next edition.

Update 2: The list of accepted papers is online.

Update 1: The submission deadline for the workshop was extended to July 14, 2014, 23:59 EET.

Theory Day in Computer Science 2014 (DACS-2014) is the first in a series of workshops that (hopefully) will take place yearly in Romania, focused on presenting to a mostly-Romanian audience new results on various topics related to Theoretical Computer Science. This year’s workshop takes place on the 16th of September at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest, and it is affiliated to the 11th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2014.

The main goal of the workshop series is to build a solid and modern TCS community in Romania, closely connected to the current global research-trends. Ideally, our workshop will also attract, either as invited speakers or authors of contributed papers, participants from other European countries, helping to establish international collaborations on common topics. So far, this only reflects in the composition of the Program Committee, but the submission deadline for contributed papers is still one month away: 1st of July 2014.

This year we have two well-recognised Romanian researchers as invited speakers: Ion Petre - Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, and Robert Mercas - Kiel University, Germany. Also, Gabriel Istrate from the West University of Timisoara has a tutorial in the first day of the workshop.

Coming back to contributed papers, we look for three types of submissions: original papers, surveys, and informal presentations. While the first two types are self-explanatory, informal presentations should address work-in-progress, review some recent results, as well as present open problems.

Last, but not least, we will try to keep the registration fee at a very low level, so that every interested person can come.

Please visit the webpage of our workshop for more details on when, where and how to submit and participate!

NCMA 2014

The deadline for this year's NCMA is just days away: May 4, 2014. Update: the deadline was extended to May 13, 2014.

NCMA is the acronym of the Workshop on Non-Classical Models of Automata and Applications, which reaches this year its sixth edition. The workshop will take place in Kassel, in the centre of Germany, at the end of July (28,29 July 2014).

As usual, we are mainly looking for works on different aspects of non-classical models of automata and grammars. Submissions on the following topics (but not limited to them) are welcome:
-- formal models inspired by Linguistics, Bio-Computing, Text Processing, Document Engineering, Self-Assembly, etc.,
-- bio-inspired models of automata and generative devices,
-- cellular automata,
-- forgetting automata and restarting automata,
-- automata with additional resources,
-- regulated rewriting/automata,
-- networks of automata or generative devices,
-- models of cooperation and communication,
-- quantum automata.

Note that this year the workshop also looks for short papers, on work in progress. The deadline for these papers is 8 june 2014.

So, please submit your latest paper on the above topics to NCMA 2014!

Computability in Europe - Steering Committee

Computability in Europe is one of my favourite conferences: I attended the conference six times, each time having an accepted paper, and I enjoyed each of these participations a lot. Among the things I like, the mixture between theoretical computer science and mathematics comes first, but I also appreciated the very good selection of invited speakers, the special sessions, as well as the satellite workshops.

That's why I was very happy and honoured when, this summer, I was invited to be part of the Steering Committee of the Computability in Europe Conference Series. Of course, I accepted this invitation. I can only hope that, in this new position, I will be able to contribute to the development of this (still young) conference into a major theory conference.