Theoretical Computer Science at SYNASC 2010

Continuing the work he started last year, Gabriel Istrate organizes again, this fall, a special track of SYNASC 2010, on Theoretical Computer Science, and, this time, he invited me to be co-chair of the Program Committee. Advances in the Theory of Computing (AITC'10) will host papers in all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, broadly construed. Here you can have a look at the Program Committee, and here is the Call for Papers: differently from the conference organized last year, we added to the CFP topics like automata theory, formal languages, combinatorics on words, algorithmic learning theory (let's say with a more European flavor).

As I said last year, the idea behind this workshop is to create a serious Romanian theory-conference: it would be good to gather some good papers from abroad, in order to offer the Romanian community a view on some subjects of interest in TCS, but, also, it seems to me a good chance for some Romanian researchers (both beginners and experienced) to publish their work in a conference refereed at high-standards (and published in a decent venue). Moreover, the submission deadline (July.1) is in a period when there are not so many conference-deadlines in Europe.

So, when you look for a venue where to present your newly obtained results, have in mind also AITC 2010!