WORDS 2015 in Kiel - Preliminary Announcement

10th International Conference on WORDS 2015, Kiel, Germany, September 14-18, 2015
Web-site: http://words2015.uni-kiel.de/

Submission deadline: April 17, 2015
Notification of authors: May 27, 2015
Deadline for final versions: June 10, 2015

WORDS is a biannual international conference covering the mathematical theory of words (sequences of symbols) from all points of view: combinatorial, algebraic, algorithmic, as well as its applications to biology, linguistics, physics, and others.

The previous WORDS conferences have taken place in Rouen (1997, 1999), Palermo (2001), Turku (2003, 2013), Montreal (2005), Marseille (2007), Salerno (2009), Prague (2011). This year we celebrate the 10th edition of WORDS.

Please mark the conference dates in your agendas for 2015.

CONFIRMED INVITED SPEAKERS: Jörg Endrullis (Amsterdam), Jean Néraud (Rouen), Michaël Rao (Lyon), Thomas Stoll (Nancy). Another two invited speakers are still to be announced.

For WORDS 2015, we are looking for original contributions on combinatorics on words, in the form of extended abstracts, for publication in a refereed proceedings volume.

In the tradition of the previous WORDS conferences, authors are also invited to submit high level contributions, which might not meet the requirements of the proceedings volume, for publication in a local abstract-booklet.

The PROGRAMME COMMITTEE, that will select the papers to be presented at the conference, consists of: Maxime Crochemore (London), Juhani Karhumäki (Turku), Dirk Nowotka (Kiel - chair), Stepan Holub (Prague), Antonio Restivo (Palermo), Manfred Kufleitner (Stuttgart), Gad Landau (Haifa), Michel Rigo (Liege), James Currie (Winnipeg), Mikhail V. Volkov (Ekaterinburg), Wojciech Plandowski (Warsaw), Luca Zamboni (Lyon).

Questions regarding the conference can be addressed to the organisers (Dirk Nowotka, Florin Manea) via E-mail: info[at]words2015[dot]uni-kiel[dot]de