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I think that all of us heard about the dangers of plagiarism in the scientific world, but, on the other hand, none of us really met such a case. I came across a plagiarism discussion only once (paper 17 from this list), but I didn't really follow all the details.

However, I recently found out (credits: Dominik Freydenberger) about a famous case of plagiarism: Danut Marcu. This guy, who has a PhD from my Alma Mater, plagiarized hundreds of papers, becoming one of the most prolific authors in Graph Theory. Finally, he was caught and banned by many journals, but it is really funny to see how he tricked so many reviewers.

On a serious note, I would be curious to find out if his PhD supervisor knows about it. I am pretty sure that this way of publishing started during his doctorate years, and maybe his thesis is based on some stolen results. I would be also curios to hear the reaction of my faculty/ university about this guy (maybe cancel his PhD title?).

Later Edit: It seems that this is an old page of Danut Marcu. He states that
Each mathematician, from every part of the world, any time, is a friend of mine, as well as, any kind person.
This explains a lot :)