TCS Workshop at SYNASC2009

I received from Gabriel Istrate an e-mail announcing a special track of SYNASC 2009, on Theoretical Computer Science. More precisely, the workshop(?) is entitled Advances in the Theory of Computing (AITC'09), welcomes papers from various areas of Theoretical Computer Science, has a rather strong Program Committee, co-chaired by Gabriel Istrate and Mihai Patrascu.

I think that organizing such a conference in Romania is a great initiative (although it appears as a special track of a not so impressive conference), and I hope that it will grow to become a stand-alone conference. To conclude, I wish good luck to the organizers, and I hope they'll put up a really good conference (by the way, the submission details are here).


g, said...

Dear Florin,

Thanks for advertising the event :).

Yes, it's a special track this year ... all things have to start somewhere. If there's interest (and help from the Romanian TCS community) it could perhaps evolve into something bigger/better/larger.

As for SYNASC, yes, I'd probably like it to be better as well (the main PC would like that as well). I'd say though (from the boundary of the conference) that the main reason that it has now grown better is not
a lack of will from the organizers, and that it doesn't really belong in the same category as other .ro conferences we all know.

Whether this will eventually happen I don't know, it's not really up to me, but it's at least a good (read supportive) host for a starting venture, like the one I'm starting. Really.

Since ROSYCS (or, for the matter, any other regular TCS meeting in .ro) doesn't take place any more, "a good house is really hard to find". For the moment SYNASC looks like it could act like one. No small feat, these days, considering how much effort really goes into organizing a conference.

Gabriel Istrate

Florin Manea said...

The main reason why SYNASC was not able to grow better is, in my opinion the fact that it has a too large scope: it mixes too many topics. I don't think that it is a good thing to put together Symbolic Computation, Logic and programming, Artificial Intelligence, Numerical computing, and Parallel computing. However, SYNASC is an interesting conference, has, or at least tries to have, a good quality standard, and, clearly, is far from what "usual Romanian conference" means. Nevertheless, I am happy that "they" are hosting a meeting like yours.

But, as I said in the post, I hope that your conference will grow sufficiently to become independent, and will reach a better quality standard than SYNASC.

Of course, I support your initiative, and I will advertise it. It is sad, however, that you announced it so late: there were many deadlines for European conferences, with related topics -MFCS, FCT-, in this period, thus I think that it will be hard to put up a very good selection of papers.

Finally, I am really sorry that I will not be able to participate (I will be in Germany at the time of the conference).

g, said...

Quality of SYNASC: agreed, this is is a "political" issue. I would add that having the conference in the same place is not a good model either. Your participation: that's fine, there could be a second edition next year :).

In particular this year is a "calibrating" edition, I don't believe it is possible to compete with any of the established conferences (even FCT/MFCS). My initial goal is to have some decent theory people from abroad, outside of the usual "formal language" crowd, attend. To establish credibility and put this event on the map this will take time and a few decent editions( even with the theory Romanian community abroad; not to mention the overall research community).

P.S. The CFP is public, so at least please suggest it to your new colleagues :).

In particular, please note that the (updated) first deadline is May 30.

Florin Manea said...

There is one more thing I am curious about: who will be the invited speaker?

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