This year I have contributed to three conferences LATA, CiE and MCU; however, I have effectively participated only at the last two of them.

The International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications (LATA) is a new conference initiated by the Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics at University Rovira i Virgili, in Tarragona Spain. Even from its first edition, this year, it had an important number of submissions, and the accepted papers seemed to be really valuable (although the proceedings were published as an internal research report). Moreover, after the conference the authors of the accepted papers were invited to send follow-ups of their papers for a special number of Information and Computation. My paper presented in this conference was entitled: On the syllabification of words via go-through automata, and was co-authored with Liviu P. Dinu and Radu Gramatovici; basically it presented a possible formalization of the syllabification of words using the formalism of Marcus contextual grammars and some type of automata (go-through automata) that seem appropriate for these generative devices. Unfortunately, none of the authors was able to attend the conference. Therefore the paper was presented by Robert Mercas.

Computability in Europe Conference reached its third edition this year. As it seemed from the first edition, this conference series is really good. I have attended the first edition in Amsterdam, and noticed the quality of the contributed papers (I had one paper at CiE 2005, as well), but, mainly, the exceptional invited speakers: Yuri Matiyasevich, George Paun, etc. This year, in Siena, was even better. The organizers invited Stephen Cook, Yuri Ershov, Anil Nerode, Dana Scott, Anne Condon, Robert I. Soare to give plenary talks; also, Grzegorz Rozenberg gave two very interesting lectures on bio-inspired computation. As in Amsterdam, the quality of the contributed papers was high, the acceptance rate being less than 30%. The proceedings were published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, and four post-conference special issues of journals were announced. The paper I presented in this conference was entitled Hairpin Completion Versus Hairpin Reduction and was co-authored with Victor Mitrana; in this paper we presented some formal and algorithmic properties of two bio-inspired operations on strings. We will submit a follow-up paper to TCS. As well, we will contribute to the journal version of another paper On Accepting Networks of Splicing Processors of Size 3 (by Remco Loos), also to be submitted in TCS. In my oppinion CiE 2007 was the best conference I attended so far, and the CiE series seems one of the best conference series in Europe. As I final remark, our research group at University of Bucharest, MOCALC, will affiliate to the Computability in Europe Network.

The last conference I attended this year was Machines Computations and Universality, a conference that takes place every three years (I also participated to the last edition of this conference in 2004). A rather small conference, all the participants having as main research theme computing models. The quality of the papers was somewhere between medium and good, the same as in the case of the invited talks. Overall, it was a nice experience, and probably I will submit a paper to the next edition of this conference. The proceedings were published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, and there will be a post-conference journal issue in Fundamenta Informaticae. I presented a paper on Accepting Networks of Splicing Processors with Filtered Connections (co-authored with Victor Mitrana), a simplified version of the previously introduced bio-inspired computing model Accepting Networks of Splicing Processors.