CiE 2008

I have received the first Call for Papers for the Computability in Europe (CiE) 2008 Conference (to be held in Athens). This time the theme of the conference is Logic and Theory of Algorithms. The important dates, known so far, are: Submission of papers - January 4, 2008; Conference dates - 15 - 20 June, 2008.

As usual, the list of invited speakers is impressive: Keith Devlin (Stanford, CA), Rosalie Iemhoff (Utrecht), Antonina Kolokolova (Vancouver, BC), Janos Makowsky (Haifa), Dag Normann (Oslo), Prakash Panangaden (Montreal, QC) and Christos Papadimitriou (Berkeley, CA).

The proceedings are published in the LNCS series, and, after the conference, there will also be journal special issues, collecting invited contributions related to the conference.

Taking into account the theme of the conference I think its rather hard for me to write a paper that would be accepted here. However, it's worth trying.