One of the most interesting resources regarding Romanian research is Ad-astra. Especially The White Book of Romanian Research. Here you can browse the ISI indexed papers written by Romanian researchers, and check their impact. The resource is even more valuable if you consider that a small number of Romanian Universities have access to the ISI data base.

The most interesting facts presented in this site are, in my opinion: The general top of the Romanian universities (based on the research performance), The top of the universities - structerd by domain, The register of researchers (the list of the researchers that have published ISI indexed papers, their papers and the impact that these papers had).

Briefly: the first place in the universities top, according to ratio between the total number of papers, regardless of the domain, and the number of researchers is University A. I. Cuza from Iasi; the first place in the universities top, according to the number of articles written in Computer Science, as well as in Mathematics, is University of Bucharest. Regarding the researchers' top, I recommend as ordering criterion the "Summed impact factor criterion"; it seems more relevant to me a researcher who wrote several good papers, published in good journals, even though this researcher's papers are co-authored with others, than an author that wrote articles of less impact, but did this alone. Here is the top of the researchers in Computer Science, according to the papers published between 2001 and 2006.