Erdős Number

Update 2018: I have achieved Erdős number 2, by co-authoring this paper with Jeffrey O. Shallit.

A funny thing regarding researchers who publish papers in mathematics and computer science is computing their Erdős Number. According to wikipedia the Erdős number is defined as: "The Erdős number , honouring the late Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős, one of the most prolific writers of mathematical papers, is a way of describing the "collaborative distance", in regard to mathematical papers, between an author and Erdős." Since Erdős died in 1996, 2 is the lowest number that can now be achieved.

My Erdős number is 3. This "collaborative distance" is obtained in this way: Florin Manea - Victor Mitrana - Solomon Marcus - Paul Erdős (where "-" between two authors indicates that they were co-authors of a published research paper).